You are currently viewing ROLAND DG and LOTUS support Berlin based fashion label

ROLAND DG and LOTUS support Berlin based fashion label

Auf Augenhoehe designs garments for the little people.

All flock and flex transfer films for any kind of merchandising products are cut by a Roland DG plotter.

The Berlin based fashion designer Sema Gedik tried to find clothes for her little cousin desperately who wanted to wear fashionable pieces. Within Sema Gedik´s BA final project, the designer started Auf Augenhoehe seven years ago. Hundreds of little peoples measurements have been taken all over the world so to create standardised clothing sizes. Sema Gedik´s main goal is the development of an own fashion brand that fulfills the need of the little perople of perfect fitting pieces without having to buy radom products and adjusting them by a specialized tailor. The designer recently gratuated by achieving a Masters Degree in Fashion Design at the HTW Berlinand she is currently leading her Start-Up Business Auf Augenhoehe which recieved several fellowships by the European Social Fund and a Crowdfunding Campaign. Sema Gedik also created several merchandising pieces such as special hangers, caps, gym bags and T-shirts which can be purchased on her website. All products are available for small and regular sizes as well as with the Start-Up logo only or with creative patterns. All work can be done easily by using a Roland DG plotterand a Lotus heat presswhich are offered as sponsorising products.

Supporting ambitious goals

„Roland perceives supporting emerging talents with great ideas as a matter close to ist hard. We did not hesitate adding a plotter as help for Auf Augenhoehe when our autorized Berlin based re-seller Lotus Transfer Press Solutions asked us to colaborate on that project. With both machines, the designer can create high-quality merchandising products.“ Karel Sannen, Marketing Manager, Roland DG. „We were truly impressed by the designers´ passion and authenticity regarding her pieces for the little people, and we were immediately willing to support the project.“ Bernhard Hermanns, Sales Manager for Lotus Transfer Press Solutions, Berlin. The Roland authorized re-seller and transfer press manufacturer introduced the designer to the Roland DG supportet GS-24and to the offered Lotus transfer pressas well as adding a wide range of transfer films to start working immediately. Auf Augenhoehe works primarly at the HTW Berlin where hardworking on merchandising products. Sema Gedik laughs lustily: „Yes, I am working on the machines myself and I love the easy-working process, also changing settings is super easy. What I also like about the plotterist he sustainable aspect by being able to position all pieces in the best material saving way.

Non-standardised fashion? Now more than ever

The young fashion label ( already coped successfully with all kind of business related difficulties such as exhibiting pieces at the Berlin fashion week and providing products to retailers all over the world. The production is uniquely based in Berlin and is sold by a webshop. „My idea behind the products is that they should always look esthetically fashionable and they do also fullfill a need and each of them make sense within the whole collection. I wanted to cause a positive effect by applying the things learnt. After so many years of hard work you have to beliefe in yourself and any trouble that might hapen should let you down.“ Sema Gedik.

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